From I-5, take Genesee Exit, go West on Genesee. Genesee Ave becomes North Torrey Pines Road at the top of the hill, i.e, at the third stop light. Stay in the right three lanes, which become North Torrey Pines Road. After passing the traffic light where Genesee becomes Torrey Pines Road, get into the left lane and make a LEFT turn at the next traffic light into Scripps Clinic South Driveway. You’ve arrived!


After entering the Scripps Clinic South Driveway, you can take the second right, and find any non-reserved parking space. Place a note on your dashboard that says “Toastmasters”. If there are no spaces available, go back to the first right and park in the gated Green Hospital Parking lot, which is 3$ for 3 h. We will reimburse you.

If you have any question regarding parking issues, please contact Kathy Spencer at Thanks!

Immunology Building and the East Conference Room

From the Scripps Clinic South Driveway looking West towards the ocean, the Beckman Building is the building on your right, the five-story glass building. Enter the building through its main entrance (next to the coffee station). You can either take the elevator down to floor #2 or go around the right or left walls to the main stairs, which will take you down to the atrium. From the stairs, make a U-turn and tuck back under the staircase. The East Conference Room is located in the East side of the building. There should be signs pointing to it.

Please click the link for the conference room map: sos-new-meeting-map