What can Toastmasters do for me ?

Everyone can benefit from this program. Toastmasters is an opportunity to improve your communication and leadership skills.

  • You will lose the fear of public speaking, and will learn skills make you more successful in the career.
  • You will be a better listener.
  • You will easily lead teams and conduct meetings.
  • You will comfortably give and receive constructive evaluation.

In Toastmasters, you will enhance skills you already have.

How does Toastmasters work ?

We offer a positive, supportive environment for you to learn speaking and leadership skills. Our Toastmasters club is made up of 20 to 30 encouraging people who meet once a week for about an hour. Each meeting gives everyone an opportunity to practice:

  • Leadership skills; learn to guide the audience through an agenda, which helps members learn basic meeting procedures.
  • Learn impromptu techiniques; members present short impromptu speeches on assigned topics. Learn how to answer on-the-spot questions; e.g., interview and answering seminar questions.
  • Present prepared speeches; two or more members present speeches based on projects from the Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership Program manuals. Projects cover such topics as speech organization, voice, language, gestures, and persuasion.
  • Offer constructive evaluation; every prepared speaker is assigned an evaluator who points out speech strengths and offers suggestions for improvement.
  • Enhance management skills; our club officer program allows you opportunities to manage others and delegate projects.
  • Mentor skills; each new member is assigned a mentor to guide them through the program. All members are encouraged to become mentors themselves.


What kinds of resources are available?

Pathways is the online resource to guide you through the self-paced program. Here is a link https://www.toastmasters.org/pathways-overview.  Our club provides the encouraging environment for you to practice and thrive. Members also receive the award-winning The Toastmaster, a monthly magazine that offers insights on speaking and leadership techniques.

Who can join SOS Toastmasters?

SOS Toastmasters is open to the public.

How do I join?

Here is a membership application.  Fill out what you can and bring it with you to the next meeting. Here is a breakdown chart of dues pro-rated per month, to help explain the breakdown of fees.
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