Officer Roles



Our current President is Kathy Spencer.

The President serves as the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for general supervision and operation of the club. The President presides at club meetings and leads the executive committee in planning and accomplishing club responsibilities and goals. In coordination with other club officers, the President is responsible for submission of the club’s semi- annual membership report to World Headquarters. The President is the principal communicator to Toastmasters International and to our local District 5.

Specific duties:

  • Encourage all officers to go to training and give information when and where the training sessions are held.
  • Plan and follow-up on goals set by club.
  • Ensure that officer-elections and membership renewals are sent to TI in time (online in Club Central).
  • Inform club on workshops/contests etc. being organized by other clubs.
  • Go to fall and/or spring conference to vote on district issues. Arrange a proxy if unable to attend.


Our current Vice-President of Education is Christian Miranda.

The VPE is responsible for planning successful club meetings which provide each member the opportunity to achieve his or her educational goals. The VPE guides members in planning and accomplishing educational programs.

Specific duties:

  • Go to fall and/or spring conference to vote on district issues. Arrange a proxy if unable to attend.
  • Schedules speeches and other agenda assignments.
  • Manages members’ progress through Pathways Base Camp Manager. Reports educational program completion to World Headquarters.
  • Coordinates with each week’s Toastmaster and provides the necessary information such as who has an assigned duty, and gives the Toastmaster a sample agenda to follow.
  • Ensures that a new member receives orientation to the Toastmasters educational program and is assigned a mentor if desired.
  • In the absence of the President, the VPE presides at club and executive committee meetings.
  • Introduces new member to the procedures of the club.


Our current Vice-President of Membership is Crystal Ku.

The VPM plans, organizes and implements an on-going marketing effort to ensure that the club maintains or exceeds a charter membership level of 20. Marketing efforts include working with groups both within and outside Toastmasters .

Specific duties:

  • Maintains attendance records and an accurate membership roster.
  • Provides recognition of Toastmasters who contribute to the increase of club membership.
  • Follows up and contacts guests who have observed our SOS meeting and encourages them to come again.
  • Provides e-mail address to owner of our club e-mail list so that new member is included in all announcements.
  • Keeps membership list up to date and updates our Google doc.
  • Keeps all sign in sheets and guest lists in order to follow up.
  • Helps new member to fill in forms and takes check. Gives check and copy of membership form to treasurer.


Our current Vice-President of Public Relations is Chih-Wei Lin.

The VPPR develops, implements and administers a program that maintains a positive image of Toastmasters for all members, guests and the general public. This officer is responsible for internal and external public relations for the club.

Specific duties:

  • Send out e-mail to TSRI “fyi” list announcing Toastmaster meetings.
  • Prepares and distributes news releases regarding club activities and publicizing club events.
  • Works with club officers to develop club-specific material to be given to guests along with other more generic Toastmasters public relations material.
  • With the Secretary, coordinates with the proper person in charge of the SOS Toastmasters web page and makes sure that it is up to date and accurate.


Our current secretary is Kathy Hu.

The Secretary is responsible for club records and correspondence, and is custodian of the Club Constitution and By-Laws and all other official club documents.

Specific duties:

  • Records and reads minutes of Club Officer meetings.
  • Provide minutes of when the Treasurer was elected which are needed to change responsible person for our San Diego County Credit Union account to the new treasurer and president (or other officer).


Our current Treasurer is Liguang Wang.

The Treasurer is responsible for the development/execution of financial policies, procedures, audits and controls. The Treasurer receives and disburses funds for payments and develops a budget to the executive committee.

Specific duties:

  • Notifies members of dues payable, collects dues and works with other officers to ensure prompt and correct reports to World Headquarters.
  • Examines all bank statements and verifies accuracy as well as deposits all funds received in a timely fashion to the SOS Toastmasters bank account.
  • Issues receipts to all members for dues paid and issues checks to members in need of reimbursement for valid club purchases upon approval of the President.
  • Arranges with San Diego County Credit Union to be responsible for the SOS Toastmasters bank account.

Procedures: The people who will be signing (whomever was on the original signature card) should go together, take a license (or other accepted form of ID), and complete the form there. The president should provide a signed letter stating who the new treasurer is, and bring along signed minutes from the meeting or agenda stating who was inducted.

Collects checks of new members and deposits these in our bank account, submits application online to TI for new member immediately upon receipt of membership application.


Our current Sergeant-at-Arms is Carlos Aguirre.

The SAA makes proper physical arrangements and sets out materials for all club meetings. The SAA serves as master host in welcoming members and guests and ensures that guests receives material provided by the VPM and VPPR.

Specific duties:

  • This officer is responsible for the orderly conduct of the club meeting, including control of club property between meetings.
  • Arrive 10 minutes before Toastmaster meetings and set up the room.
  • Make up nametags for new members. Distribute nametags to guests.
  • Coordinates and implements orders of supplies in support of club activities such as manuals, office supplies, etc.
  • Joins new member outside meeting room during initiation voting process.


Our immediate past President is Esther Cooke.

The IPP provides guidance and serves as a resource to club officers and members. The IPP chairs the Nominating Committee, assists in the preparation of the Club Success Plan and promotes the club’s efforts to become a Distinguished Club. The IPP attends all Club Officer’s Meeting and has an active voice in all decisions made.


Each officer receives a comprehensive manual that contains detailed explanations of officer duties and responsibilities. The Toastmasters District 5 Organization also provides officer training by experienced Toastmasters at several locations and dates every six months. Training sessions include discussion of ideas by participants and questions and answer periods.



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